• Lending Service Turning Off

    With some consideration, vtn will not accept lending soon. But for all who already at lending period, that is still running. For those who want lending, currently still open until further information.

  • Mass Transfer Tools

    Mass transfer applications are made to help a developer who use wavesplatform for sharing an airdrop easily. Download whitepaper for details.

  • Stacking




Build good character of crypto community and share education to make feature of blockchain technology usefully


Increase DEX market volume, not only voltroon but all waves assets included. Voltroon will try to be listed at other market.


Maintain stability the value of VTN assets in DEX and support DEX development programs with projects that synergize with waves.


What is Voltroon Token ?

VOLTROON tokens is a digital currency asset that uses wavesplatform blockchain technology.

Please open an investor account required to purchase and manage tokens on the DEX waves platform.

There is no limit to purchasing tokens, for example you can buy as many tokens as you want.

You can use waveswallet.io that support to many platform operationg system.